Inpour Pharm. & Tech. Inc

Inpour Pharmaceutical Technical Inc (InpT) specializes in custom synthesis of chiral compounds.
Our clients include: drug discovery branchs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academy and orther research organization.
Our catalog products include: building blocks, heterocyclic compounds, and other active pharmaceutical or biotech intermediates. The mostly important products include: Pyrrolidine derivatives; Piperazine derivatives; Piperidine derivatives and Aminophenol derivatives.
Our core service: chiral compounds development and custom synthesis or manufacture business. We provide high quality, custom-synthesis organic chemicals from grams to a few kilograms.
We also provide innovative chemical process technology for production of pharmaceutical intermediates or fine chemicals.
Our Mission: delivering the innovative custom synthesis products with high quality; offering services to any customers with our innovative synthetic technology; inpout our continual efforts to the human health.


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