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About us

Sichina ( ) which is powered by Global Mandarin Connection Corporation (GMCC) is a free admission service portal for international students to study abroad in China. Sichina was founded as an liaison between international students and Chinese universities and colleges on the principle of releasing authentic and real-time international student admission information and helping international students choose their fittest schools and get admitted free of trouble.

We are dedicated to offering trustworthy and liable services for the worldwide students to study in China. Together with our partners - more than 200 universities, colleges and Chinese language schools, Sichina aims to make your study abroad in China more affordable, efficient and easy,and your China experience simple and unforgettable.

As a Canadian company, Global Mandarin Connection operates strictly within the laws for foreign student programs in both China and North America.

What we do

We help the worldwide students make an informed decision as to which programs and universities are the best fit ones.
We provide the fast and efficient university application and placement services.
We help you find work and internship opportunities in China.
We accommodates your housing needs, and enable your transition in China to be as smooth and stress-free as possible.
We provide one-on-one Chinese language tutoring classes and online translation via phone and mobile device

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