C.I.A. Certified Intelligence Agency

The C.I.A. - Certified Intelligence Agency is one of the agency at the international level which belongs to ISISA (International Secret Intelligence Service Agency).

The task is to identify the principal risks that could damage the National Security of Governments and Nations patner.
The goal is to minimize and / or prevent threats to the competitive ability with intelligence analysis and scenarios to warn about the new terrorist threat of the twenty-first century,

Terrorism must be fought globally because it is an unconventional war, we are not faced with an army that can affect all parts of the world, an army of men and women who want to impose their religious beliefs, willing to die rather than cause the greatest number of victims.

The only way to combat it is to create an international coalition of intelligence and special units capable of hitting the targeted extremist groups.

Certified Intelligence Agency, is an International Team Expert Intelligence (composed of personnel, material, technologies from the states that consider extremism a threat) in order to identify and destroy cells scattered in the way, but also find them, the fields training and above all their sponsor and protect them.

The aim is to operate at 360 degrees in these fields:
Intelligence analysis;
Economic Crime Untelligence
Intelligence Collection Operations;
Business Intelligence;
Military Intelligence;
Criminal Intelligence;
Countering Espionage;
Formulating Strategies;
Force protection;
Geopolitical Analysis;
Designing Courses & Training Modules;
Counter-Organized Crime;
Temporary Security Managements;
Investigation Crime & Security;
Strategic Studies;
Assessment of risk levels;
Security and investigations;
Assessment of risk levels;
Security plans;

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