Global Copyright Management

The company „Global Copyright Management“(GCM) was established by Enterhome LTD with the aim of protecting digital contents from unlawful use.
Industries suffer loses since any movie/music/software & game is accessible already on the first week of the release or even before. In the course of a week popular pirate-websites are visited by over 3 million users, because of that the losses of the copyright owners go into millions of Euros. Even the police fight against the pirates brings no sufficient results: After a long bureaucratic struggle the police finally reached that the streaming-website "" had to be taken off, but shortly after the site was closed it went back online under a slightly modified name.
The quest for rapid profit and the legal loopholes always arise new pirate websites. it is very important to notice the breach of law from the first moment on and delete the files immediately to prevent a further copying and distribution of them. We can arrange protections of projects for weeks, months or years and individualize every protection, just depending on the client's needs.

Lead off the fight against the pirates with us today and obtain security for tomorrow.




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