Management Technology Group, Inc.

Management & Technology Group is a company that is strongly driven by its core values. Our focus on customer satisfaction and employee development is demonstrated through our actions, and proven by our results. Our mission is to maximize performance of organizations.

We believe performance maximization is achieved through strong leadership, a clear vision and a rock solid strategy that maximizes the performance of people through streamlined business processes and proven technology.

MTG specializes in core areas that we believe are critical to performance maximization:

- Strategic Planning – The master plan for change defining the goals and objectives required for success.

- Performance Management – Tells the “strategic plan story” through cascaded performance measures.

- Enterprise Architecture – Translates the strategic plan into transitional business and technology architectures and sequencing plans.

- Business process management, modeling and re-engineering – Maximizes the performance of business processes and human factors before implementing new technology.

- IT Security, Risk Assessment and Mitigation – Establishes policy to ensure security of operations and infrastructure before implementing change.

- Network management, engineering and administration services – Maximizes the performance and security of the technical infrastructure used by business applications to communicate information.

- Internal IT Marketing – Helps IT organizations communicate value and service to the internal customers it serves.

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