Extreme Kayak Fishing with TJ

Specializing in light tackle, live bait and artificial, kayak fishing at key locations within the Rappahannock fisheries. Smallmouth bass of all sizes are taken north of Fredericksburg, (an upriver fishing adventure). From Route one to the city docks there are key feeding streams, holding giant striper and catfish certain times a year. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are caught year-round. Down where the Rappahannock enters the Chesapeake Bay, (down river adventure) the mud waters from heavy rain, give way to clear salty water that holds a variety of croaker, flounder, puppy drum, striper, bluefish, seabass, and spotted sea trout. Sandy beaches hold pockets of bait for the cast net enthusiast.

I do this every weekend as a hobby, I really enjoy the sport and adrenaline of going out into the water using your own bodies strength (no motors, just paddles) and catching a variety of fish, some worth eating, others catch and release, and then their is always the big one that got away... I plan to start with small groups of 1-3 people and build from there. If the weather is right some wheres along the Rappahannock river, Saturday or Sunday each week, I will be there testing the waters with a positive attitude. If taking a nice smallmouth at the top of cascading rapids or croaker every cast, sound interesting, then stay tuned for videos and pictures as this project expands.

Regards, T. J. Plummer


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