Church Fraud Prevention Service - Weeds in the Garden

Weeds in the Garden is a fraud detection and prevention financial firm for churches and ministries, founded by CPA Verne Hargrave with 20 years of previous church financial consulting experience. Weeds in the Garden offers church fraud deterrence services including investigation and detection, accountability, and secure financial management training. As well as being a fraud protection resource, Weeds in the Garden assists with church budgeting, stewardship, minister's taxation, IRS compliance, and non-profit business continuation.

If a church has been a victim of either external or internal fraud:

Weeds in the Garden will offer their expertise in assessing the situation, detecting, determining, and reporting how much has been lost through forensic accounting and fraud investigation techniques. Along with fraud investigation, Weeds in the Garden also offers litigation support services for churches who have fallen victim to fraud and can help the ministry recover by assisting in developing and implementing a continuation strategy.

If a church or ministry has not yet been a fraud victim:

Weeds in the Garden can help to ensure their financial safety by evaluating the church's governance philosophy and structure, as well as identifying and analyzing current fraud protection measures. Finally, Weeds in the Garden can develop and establish a customized fraud prevention program to ensure financial stability and ministry effectiveness.

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