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Established in 1949, The School of Mining Engineering at UNSW is Australia's leading Mining Engineering Educational Institution. Currently, there are over 500 students studying in the School at Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Research and Post-Doctoral level.

We have a proud history and dynamic forward vision for mining education. We are the largest provider of mining engineers, through our undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs. We focus on four distinct research areas: Mining Geomechanics, Sustainable Mining Practices, Mining Systems and Processing as well as Innovative Learning and Teaching which are all critical to the future of the mining industry.

A key component of our success is working closely with the mining industry. This means strong support from the industry for our programs, student scholarships, and an integrated program of mine site visits throughout the education process. We also have a good cross-section of senior industry executives on our Minerals Industry Advisory Council (MIAC) providing advice and strategic direction and extensive engagement with industry (both local and international) in professional development programs where we regularly deliver training courses for individual companies or industry groupings.

A major strength of our School is the Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices (ACSMP) which is recognised by both government and industry in Australia and internationally as an authority on sustainable mining practices. With close ties to the mining industry, the school receives many forms of support including student scholarships, research and regular field trips to visit mines.

Why study with us:
UNSW Engineering consistently achieve high scores in international and national rankings and is the leading engineering faculty in Australia and one of the best engineering faculties internationally.

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