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Category 3 Partners specializes in Healthcare IT and Infomation Security Management Consulting with a particular emphasis on compliance and access & and a deep experience in the Epic EHR implementation lifecycle. Category 3 Partners also offers data analytics services for the small to mid-tier healthcare market.


In the world of Health IT, it is important that you find a reliable partner to help you address your staffing needs. With years of experience in the medical world, healthcare IT is what we know, and you can be sure that we will help you find the right employee (consultant or full-time) for the job. Category 3 Partners knows healthcare IT, and is 100% committed to partnering with our clients to fill staffing needs while transferring knowledge to full time staff.


Managing people, processes or technologies associated with Information Security can be a challenge, but managing these critical areas in concert while promoting secure and efficient business processes can often seem impossible. We come to the table with processes and solutions that, when coupled with executive and organizational support, can help you rest easier. Our Information Security Management staff work alongside your existing staff to identify opportunities for improvement, plan corrective action and to assist with implementations.


Large health systems have teams of people leading the charge to make sense of the data accumulated from Electronic Medical Record Systems. From charges and diagnostic analyticstrends to patient outcomes, all of that data should be transforming the way you do business. The great expense associated with enterprise analytics software can be a barrier to small to mid-tier health system analytics projects, but it doesn’t have to be. Let our team of data analysts help you reach your goals, and see the same types of efficiency gains that the big players take for granted.

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