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1- About LEN
London Entrepreneurs Network (LEN®) established in 2008 and has grown to be one of the UK’s largest and most active networking groups for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. We currently have 20,000 members, a figure that is expanding at a rate of 500 or more new registrations each month, organically. Training, mentoring, dinner and business lunch events, exhibitions and our regular networking evenings. LEN is a dynamic, growing, ever-evolving, FREE resource for small businesses, entrepreneurs and investors looking for partnerships, funding, new business, collaborations, or to learn from those more experienced than them. Join FREE here:

1) 20,000 members and growing.
2) 30,000 visitors to our Business Show ‘Feature’ stand.
3) 2,000,000 website visitors.
4) 500 (minimum) attendees in LEN’s Monthly “London Business Show®”.
5) 50sqm suspended mega screen.
6) Months of FREE advertising.
7) Obtaining Angels &/or Archangel profile & character
8) Obtaining minimum 6,000 database.
9) LEN YouTube Channel.
10) Affiliate or commission-share
11) Sharing exhibition stand in The UK’s & Europe Biggest Business Show.
12) TV series to rival Dragons’ Den.

2- About “Angels Investment Show®”(£1000 Charity)
Help someone you know to take a leap towards BUSINESS SUCCESS by nominating them for a venture boosting £1000+ CASH gift from our ARCHANGELS.We are looking for business minded people with the character, drive and determination to succeed.

3- About “Angels Investment Show®”
Angels investment Show® organised by London Entrepreneurs Network (LEN®) is a network, a platform and an organisation to provide investment to individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses and to connect them with all sort of investment providers. Join us FREE at

4- About “Angels Investment Show®” TV series to rival Dragon’s Den
A revolutionary, life-changing new TV series that we’d love you to be part of

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