Flying Wild Hog

Flying Wild Hog is a game production studio based in Poland with headquarter in Warsaw and office in Cracow.

Our studio is set on developing high quality titles both for hardcore gamers and casual players. We currently employ over 110 people.

We are working now on 3 new projects: Shadow Warrior 2 and 2 other unannounced titles.

We do not believe in corporate management and corporate ways. Our studio is managed without producers and we try to employ as many anti-corporate management ideas as possible. Such a flexible structure allows us to limit all the obsolete bureaucracy and hierarchy to minimum.

We do not believe in managers or leads who themselves don’t create real content of a game. People who are responsible for management in our studio also work as programmers, artists or designers.

We do believe that people who are given freedom, both for their ideas and use of their skills, work better and more effective.

We don’t complicate things that are simple.

We are the Hogs!

Our games:
- JUJU (PC / PS3 / XBox360 released on Dec 10th 2014)
- Shadow Warrior (PC released on Sep 26th 2013, PS4 / Xbox One released on Oct 21th 2014)
- Hard Reset Redux (PC / PS4 / Xbox One released in June 2016)
- Hard Reset (PC released in September 2011)
- Hard Reset: Exile (PC released in April 2012)

We are always looking for talented people!

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Privately Held

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