Wargaming Saint Petersburg (Lesta Studio)

Wargaming Saint Petersburg (Lesta Studio) is one of the development centers for Wargaming founded in 1991 and located in St. Petersburg, Russia.
After more than 20 years of IT expertise, the studio has gathered all kinds of projects under its belt. From developing videogames for consoles, social networks, PCs and casual games, to delivering video commercials and high-quality visual effects for the film industry.
Wargaming Saint Petersburg is currently working on its flagship project, the free-to-play naval MMO World of Warships. This title will become the third part of the MMO war series established by the award-winning videogame developer and publisher Wargaming.
Another field of activity is casual games development. The company’s recent project Nightmare Realm, released in 2011 by the largest casual game publisher Big Fish Games, was rated the second most popular adventure game of the year. Also, the online editorial site, Gamezebo.com, put Nightmare Realm in the Top 10 of hidden object games for 2011. Video production is the third major workflow at Wargaming Saint Petersburg. Our video department has gained huge experience with previous projects and is currently used to create top-notch videos for Wargaming titles.
Wargaming Saint Petersburg is a solid team of professionals with great expertise in informational and multimedia technologies. We welcome those who are as passionate for excellence as we are and those who know how to enjoy the work they do.

E-mail for sending CV: hrspb@wargaming.net , e_petukhova@wargaming.net


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