Paul Noone

Paul Noone started his career as a Fabricator/Welder at the age of 15.
After serving his time in 1983, Paul felt that there was something missing in his career and looked towards his passion for Motorcars as guidance.

However, not satisfied in is abilities to repair vehicles, Paul took himself off to collage and enrolled in Motor vehicle craft studies. He also, in his spare time took unpaid work with a variety of craftsmen ranging from Carpenters and Trimmers to Coach-builders and Painters.

1986 Paul set up in his own business and in 1990, he had established himself enough to be given the sole responsibility of the maintenance of 20 + Vintage Rolls Royce Motor Cars, the earliest of which was 1906. four years later and Paul had moved on to other private collections and found himself amidst such vehicles as Bugatti, Packard, Jaguar, Buick and many more.

It is through this determination and a dedication to seek excellence that Paul found himself working on these private collections and through his learning from some of the Worlds finest craftsmen is how Paul has established himself in this business.




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Self Employed

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