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Confident Entrepreneur is a Miami-based business and leadership coaching and training company. Founded in 2011 by Yuliya LaRoe, an expert business and leadership coach, speaker and international attorney, Confident Entrepreneur’s mission is to help smart, creative, talented and visionary women entrepreneurs and professionals in the professional services, knowledge-based industries (e.g., lawyers, accountants, advisors, coaches, consultants, etc.) around the world grow their business so that they can live their vision and love their life.

Through its private coaching programs, seminars and workshops, and group coaching as part of the Confident Entrepreneur Mastermind club, Confident Entrepreneur helps business owners achieve massive results and grow their businesses through:
- strategic business planning and goal setting;
- client attraction and new business development;
- start-up coaching and new project or new business line launches;
- creating business systems and processes to boost productivity & profitability;
- leadership coaching to improve team communication through emotional intelligence.

Confident Entrepreneur’s commitment to helping people create business and personal lives they love extends to professionals in the knowledge-based services firms. Our corporate business development and leadership coaching programs take a unique approach of focusing on helping associates develop entrepreneurial skills and a mindset of a business owner to achieve their career and business objectives while ensuring a deeper alignment with their overall life’s vision. Unlike the conventional training-only approach, Confident Entrepreneur’s programs go beyond just sharing information. Along with all the latest tools, strategies, skills, and techniques, participants receive structured and personalized coaching, guidance, and support to help each participant begin to actually apply this knowledge to attain their own personal business and client development objectives.

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