DreamCrete, LLC.

Your Decorative Concrete dream
come true! Just imagine the plain,
grey concrete around your home in a
colorful slate, granite, brick, or
cobblestone pattern. Now, turn your
imagination into reality with
DreamCrete stamped or acid stained
concrete. DreamCrete is the perfect
solution to exterior decorating
problems, and it's just as affordable
as it is beautiful.

DreamCrete stamped concrete is
installed like any standard concrete
application. The concrete is then
colored and imprinted with any
pattern you choose. DreamCrete is
stronger than regular concrete and
comes with over 50 patterns and
nearly 100 color combinations so you
can find the most ideal surface to
enhance your homes beauty - and

It also dresses up commercial
property like nothing else on the
market today. So make the drives,
and walks around your home as
beautiful as the house itself with

Acid Staining and Stamping are ideal
for both residental, commercial,
interior and exterior applications.
"Improve your ugly concrete by making it DreamCrete!"

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