Video Monet

Video Monet® provides a high definition comprehensive multipoint videoconferencing solution that runs on Windows, Android, MAC, and iOS systems.

High Definition videoconferencing. Need to make a 12 person video call? Want a friend to join a conversation? Video Monet has all the features you want with maximum quality. Do it your way.

Why use Video Monet? It allows you to:
- make conference calls with more than 12 people
- put a call on hold
- combine calls
- record a call
- leave a video message
- schedule calls ahead of time

It is also easy to use and FREE!

Video Monet is a registered trademark of Optical Fusion, Inc. located in Mountain View, California. It has a a subsidiary in Bangalore, India and has around 60 employees. Dr. Mukund Thapa is the founder and chief technology architect for Video-Monet.




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Privately Held

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