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C-Spot Magazine encompasses a series of magazines written and produced by college students. It began with Columbia students in the fall of 2008, and this year we are extending C-Spot to Parsons and NYU. The goal is for each university to have its own version of C-Spot produced by its students.

We are also launching C-Spot Events this fall, starting with Columbia. These erotically and romantically themed events include lingerie parties, masquerade parties, burlesque and drag shows, speed dating, and erotic art exhibitions. The events will function as the action-oriented part of this project – giving students a safe space to explore their sexualities and to enhance their romantic lives. Our mission is to create a sex-positive revolution across college campuses. What do we mean by sex-positive? Students are encouraged by the mainstream to openly debate politics, religion, philosophy, etc. while the subject of sex still remains taboo. Western culture relegates sex to the same category of vices as drugs and alcohol. We are living in the 21st century and we think this matter needs to be addressed. We want to bring sex out of the private sphere and into the public sphere. We believe that sexual expression is a positive, healthy force in our lives, and it is necessary that universities also adopt this approach. We want sexuality to be treated as any other subject that we study in class. We want to apply the academic to the erotic.

C-Spot Magazine is published twice a semester (fall and spring semesters), totaling four issues per year. We follow the academic calendar, thus the 2009-2010 academic year will be our second year of C-Spot, and thus our second volume of the magazine at Columbia. It is distributed free on campus in student dorms, lounges, cafes, and other key locations. The online version of the magazine is free for students at Columbia, Parsons, and NYU. Otherwise a subscription can be purchased for a small fee.


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