Soo Jerky Ltd.

We are a Canadian manufacturer of premium ready-to-eat and quick-to-prepare Asian meat snacks that are wholesome, healthy, and a sought-after indulgence for any occasion. Our purpose is to popularize the Asian culture of eating meat snacks to become mainstream amongst Asian, and even Western, consumers.

Our mission is to make the best tasting, highest quality, and most nutritious Asian meat snacks in North America, and eventually Asia, and to package our products in a way that promotes healthy snacking and a culture of gift-giving.

Soo Jerky had humble beginnings. The brand’s founders, Philip and Soo Wong, grew up in Malaysia loving Singaporean styled jerky, but could only afford this festive delicacy as an occasional treat. However, after immigrating to Canada, Philip and Soo decided to take advantage of their new beginnings to spread their love of Singaporean jerky by making and selling this delicacy themselves. And what began in 1985 out of a small home in Richmond, B.C. has now blossomed into the household ethnic brand name that it is today.

At Soo Jerky, this rich history is not only the foundation for the food we make, but the foundation of our brand as well. Whether it is the nostalgic aroma-filled streets of Malaysia or the smoky sweet memories of backyard barbecue grills in Canada, our origins and traditions are and will always be at the core of Soo Jerky.

With these values at our core, we’re dedicated to making every one of our snacks taste delicious and delectable - a perfect indulgence to complement life’s little, and large, moments. So whether it’s a long day at work or a casual peek into the kitchen pantry, we’re there. Or whether it is a flawless piano recital or an Olympic gold-medal hockey game, we’re there. Across the world, our snacks make moments worth savouring.

Soo Jerky. Always something to savour.




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