Challenge 52

Challenge52 started as a personal challenge, one I settled on after struggling to find a way to stay connected and involved in my community without feeling torn between the importance of charity and the importance of family.

The question became - how can I make a significant contribution to the community while maintaining my core focus on my kids? Bonus points if I can magically incorporate a social life into the community involvement plan.

The solution became Challenge52.

Over the next 52 weeks, I will highlight 52 charity events ranging from black tie affairs to park clean-up days to fundraising runs. . . and everything in between. I will be at all of them.

Join me as I venture out, effecting tiny ripples of change throughout our community by the smallest of gestures, one event at a time, and experience how hundreds of tiny ripples can add up to a wave that truly does change the world.

52 charity events in 52 weeks.

Ready. . . Set. . . GO!


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