Tavan Pooyesh

Tavan Eelectric Pooyesh company was founded in Tehran, Iran, in 2004, with DC UPS equipment as the first product.

The manufacture of DC UPS was the beginning of our rapidly expanding product palette, soon followed by solid state voltage stabilizers for oil and gas industry. The first microprocessor based rectifier were developed and presented in 2005. When the design of the high frequency inverter was ready for production, the two were combined to form a “AC UPS equipment” which was completed in 2006 with the newly developed, power electronic devices and ratings up to 100 KVA.

Switched-mode rectifiers and DC converters were delivered from 2007. Beside local increasing demand between 2009 and 2013, the TAVAN POOYESH company began production of GPU, battery formation equipment and high current rectifiers. DC UPS equipment can now be supplied with system ratings up to 2000 KVA. The company also present some of the well-known battery brands beside its products.




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