Engage Data

We want to solve problems.
We think data is an exciting way to do that.

However, we are not selling buzz words or the latest technology fad. We don't care if your data is Big or Small, real-time or historical, or nonexistent (as far as you know!). Our goal is to help you understand your current data ecosystem and how it can be used to generate insights that will help you solve business problems that you're interested in.

There is no single solution or technology that will solve all of your problems. So we aren't selling one. We will work closely with you, in an iterative and collaborative process, in order to develop a practical solution that will provide value to you today.

Interested in talking more? Send us a message, an email, visit our website - just start the conversation.

Engage Data is a Vancouver, Canada based startup that was brought into the world in March 2013. We arose from the clear need to support business users and academics make decisions in the face of complex and messy data. We have a mix of backgrounds in Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Visual Analytics, IT, and Database Design. We bring these together to solve hard data problems, and we have a lot of fun while doing it.

You can find us on Tableau Public too! http://ow.ly/TAO6Z

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