The Minority Business Contracting Association

The MBCA is regularly visited by entrepreneurs, consumers, community leaders, corporate professionals, politicians and other progressive multicultural and women professionals and students throughout the USA and around the world. Our " Energetic; Network" offerings began in 2003 and the MBCA web portal was launched in 2008, and now encompasses Millions of multicultural web portal visitors, e-Subscribers and event attendees. Our global interactive portal targets, attracts and delivers , relevant, fresh, and beneficial content, information and resources to our steadily increasing target audience of progressive persons, including persons of African/Black, Asian, European/White, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American descent, as well as persons of various other ethnic or culturally diverse backgrounds, and all women. Some of the user and subscriber content and resources that can be accessed via our portal include: 100+ U.S., International and Interest Calendar Pages; Entrepreneurship and Wealth Accumulation Channels, Job Seeker Resources (including free resume posting and job alerts), 60+ Global Multicultural Non-Profit Directory pages, 60+ Global Multicultural Business Directory pages, Student Resources, a Book Channel and more. Visit our web site frequently to access, fresh information. MBCA is also a Viable Source Talent Recruitment of all educational backgrounds for Multicultural and Diversity-Focused employers, corporations, and large entities. Our personal services , services, and solutions have continuously added value and driven results in support of hundreds of National International employers and related clients, advertisers and partners since 1987 in other ventures.

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