Transformational Learning Solutions

Transformational Learning Solutions’ foremost aim with every client is to assist them to develop their KNOWLEDGE, their EMPOWERMENT and their EXCELLENCE. We provide learning consulting and coaching services for students, individuals, and business. We believe that every one is unique and we work carefully with clients to develop a plan suited specifically to their needs.

Many approaches start from the assumption that the client has a problem, which implies that they are “broken”’ and then proceed to “fix” the problem. Transformational Learning Solutions takes a very different approach. We don’t believe that our clients are ever “broken.” We believe that our clients already have all the resources they need to address their issues. Their undesired behaviors are simply the sign that they lack the resources for the state that they are currently in. States can be changed and when they are, behaviour also changes.

Transformational Learning Solutions works with clients using very powerful techniques to unlock their existing resources so they can develop profound, permanent, and positive changes to their state and thus their behaviour. The techniques used to effect these changes are structural - they are independent of subject matter and content. They work no matter what the issue!

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