The Trusted Negotiator

The Trusted Negotiator is for business leaders & entrepreneurs, who are dissatisfied with their level of readiness for negotiating and concerned about not getting enough value in their deals.

Our approach is a new and improved way to develop practical deal making skills, which guarantees that you feel confident and in control of your negotiations and create outstanding deal outcomes.

Unlike unspecialised business coaching or theoretica academic courses, our approach will give you a powerful negotiation toolkit that is quick and easy to apply to your individual business deals.

Our team combines the world's leading academic research on negotiation, strategy, leadership and human psychology AND practice with years of experience at the Negotiation table. Our coaches' deal making experience ranges from Venture Capital raising for private companies, all the way through to complex multi-billion dollar contract negotiations, involving heads of government, diplomacy, industry and commerce.

Get maximum return from your deals. Ask us how!

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