TIREC Group Ltd

TIREC Group Ltd is a national tyre recovery and recycling solutions company. We specialise in the collection, segregation, recycling & disposal of post consumer tyres. We produce 20ml 99.95% wire free chip from this feedstock from this process that we then turn into a diesel fuel and LPG via our unique and patented Cracking Energy process.

This systems processes materials with complex organic molecules or hydrocarbons and converts them into simpler molecules by breaking the carbon-carbon bonds. The process is emmissions free and generates no other waste byproducts. We use some of this fuel to generate electricity for sale back into the grid system and also to run our plant. We also sell some of these fuels to external fuel companies. Our 20ml chip is also used in other applications i.e. sporting surfaces, horse menage, school playing surfaces etc.

In addition to this we bale tyres into tyre blocks (URRO Blocks) to PAS108 standards to be used in civil engineering, construction and leisure industry projects. The use of tyre bales in construction has proven to be both cost and time effective, with the added environmental benefits of using recycled materials. The alternative solutions range from rainwater storage to the capping layer of roads. Please review our case studies or contact us for further information.

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