Soul's Code

Soul’s Code is a place where you can find guides — and guide others — in the pursuit of spiritual, psychological, and mind-body health and happiness.

Soul’s Code is creating a virtual meeting place and sounding board where people can come and go with the ease of a few keystrokes. About what? The actual life events — both the highs and the lows — that provoke spiritual exploration in the first place. The things that lead to reinvention, recovery . . . even realization.

Interactive features and forums will allow you to easily share experiences around issues like love, loss, healing, as well as creative and aspirational breakthroughs that you and those around you celebrate, while experts and users alike provide advice in real-time.

One of the guiding principles of Soul’s Code can be summed up in the phrase, beyond belief. We’re beyond belief in the sense that we do not filter advice or methods through a creed or organization. What was that great line of Gandhi’s? “God has no religion.”

If Soul’s Code were a dating site, we’d be the box that says: Spiritual, not religious. We’re a non-denominational enterprise that draws on the most powerful practices and voices available to us in a global village.

The only code that we advance is the individual one that makes you tick at the deepest level . . . the clock-cycle of your inner evolution — beyond job title, address and history.

Soul’s Code doesn’t pretend to have “the secret;” our starting point is that you’re already in on it with us, that you possess an equal ability to get in touch with your true nature.

Everyone’s a guru.


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