Tasly Group is a private enterprise based in Tianjin, China. Founded in 1994, Tasly Group has migrated itself into a health and nutrition industry key player in China with core products ranging from series of modern TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) drugs, pharmaceutical drugs both in chemical and biomedicine fields, dietary supplements, cosmetics, functional foods to bottled water.
The corporate mission for Tasly Group is to pursue harmony between human being and the nature, and to enhance the quality of life for every mankind. The founder and president of Tasly Group, Mr. XiJun Yan, truly believes in providing better health and wellness to our society by striving for the excellence in R&D, advanced drug manufacturing and marketing.
In Tasly’s vision, health and human well-being does not start at the point of “having a good drug”. On the contrary, it makes more sense to promote the awareness of healthy living such as drinking a good source of water or tea, balanced with the right food supplements and healthy skin care solutions, plus an actively managed healthy life-style. This is the Tasly’s well-known definition of having a “Greater Health”. Tasly Group is also setting up a professional web site, www.dajiankang.com, to provide great sources of information and services in health, nutrition, and wellness related areas.

For more information, please visit www.tasly.com.

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