Marine One Private Limited

Based in Colombo – Sri Lanka, Marine 1 is a top provider of maritime services within and beyond the shores of the island. From Colombo, the largest port in Sri Lanka, Galle, Hambantota and covering Trincomalee the fifth largest natural harbor in the world, Marine 1 ensures persistent, steadfast and preeminent services. Partners with the port authorities of Maldives, UAE, Oman, Republic of Yemen, Jeddah, Egypt, Dgibuti, Kenya, Tanzania, Seashells, Mauritius, and South Africa Marine 1 port network is rapidly expanding to further destinations.
Making arrangements for necessary ship provisions, arranging for storage bunkers, ship crew transfers, organizing the supply, transport and the handling of goods, arrange necessary repairs and spares for ships are some of the many services that Marine 1 administer.

We also deliver a range of logistics services to the oil and gas industries with our offshore examination and global strengths. Utilizing optimal expertise and experience, Marine 1 is in a position to meet the unique and significant demands of the clients in these industries. Our dedicated offshore unit possesses the ability to sustain high quality logistics, marine infrastructure development, power generation, as well as optimizing marine security and natural resource utilization.




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