Steve Long - World Sailor - Author

Steve as done it all, he built his boat, lived his passion for sailing on this boat for three years around the world, faced the biggest challenge of his life during the first months of that trip and built several success businesses.

He’s now publishing his first book, “Sail Free” that explain his background. Telling his story was a big challenge for him. He’s the kind of person that only look forward; that’s his way of life. He nearly never takes a look at his past except to remember the lessons he has learned.

Reading his book, you will discover an almost limitless person, without fear, out of the box thinker, multi-potentialist, passionate about people, their behaviors, using metrics and logics on everything and so on. But at it end, you'll find out an authentic man who has a vision for a better world.

He’s one of a kind individual, that type of people that you may only meet once in a lifetime.

Passionate about technologies, genetics, and innovations; Steve has put together the INITIAL Group Foundation, the main entity behind INITIAL-CORP, a conglomerate that finances research on stem cell and other promising gene editing technique.

Generous about his knowledge, he’s always in to share with people who need his advice and coach the youth so they can improve themselves and become the next generation of leaders.

You really want to follow him as a lot of great things are coming up….and trust me, you want to be there when it happens…

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