Aura Biotechnologies Private Limited (AURA BIOTECH)

AURA Biotechnologies is a Chennai based Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Research organization involved in developing innovative technologies to expedite the R & D process and reduce the cost of development.
Our integrated manufacturing facility located at SIPCOT industrial complex Manamadurai near Madurai, Temple town of Tamilnadu. AURA Biotech is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company for providing Contract Research Services in the area of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research.
Biopharmaceutical development in terms of both recombinant and non-recombinant therapeutic proteins. Our expertise in integrated biosimilar development, analytical research and assay services makes us the biopharmaceutical service provider. EMEA and FDA guidelines studies.
Apart from our core biotechnology and biopharmaceutical strengths. Our biopolymer products are extracted from natural sources including crab and shrimp shell and spent yeast etc.
AURA biotechnologies works with the customers on different business models including technology development, process optimization, custom assay development, screening and reagents supply.

Our core focus on Biologics & Biosimilars
- Physico-chemical characterization studies (UPLC, 2D gel, Clone characterization (NGS),
- Bioassays ADCC & CDC
- PK, PD Kits for both clinical and preclinical
- Anti-Drug Antibody Immunogenecity kits
- Impurity, contamination and residual profiling (Protein A, BSA, HSA and Transferrin)
- Functional assays
- Biosimilarity testing
- Monoclonal Antibodies standards (Innovator products)
- Recombinant proteins (TNF-a, VEGF)
- Primary and Secondary antibodies mouse, Rabbit and goat.

Human Diagnostic kits and reagents.
High sensitive TMB substrate
Streptavidin coated plates
HRP and Biotin
Finally, AURA biotechnologies build-up with strong quality obedience and professional management system.

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