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Driven by products sourced from Clinical Innovations, JB Medical Supplies works closely with Vacca Research to promote leading edge products & practices in Labour and Delivery throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Clinical Innovations is a healthcare manufacturer exclusively focused on labor and delivery support. Already a market leader in several categories with products such as the Koala®Intrauterine Pressure Catheter and Kiwi® Vacuum-Assisted Delivery System, Clinical Innovations is expanding its global presence while directly researching and developing state-of-the-art technologies and innovative medical devices that fulfill its mission of improving the lives of mothers and their babies throughout the world.

• Rupture of Membranes Test - ROM Plus® is unique in that it detects both Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and IGFBP-1 (PP12) using a monoclonal/polyclonal antibody approach–improving its sensitivity
• traxi® Panniculus Retractor is a retraction device used for predictable, reliable retraction of the panniculus during surgical procedures
• The Kiwi Omnicup Complete Vacuum Delivery System is designed to give control back to the physician
• The Koala Toco and IUPC is an air-charged, single-patient-use tocodynamometer and IUPC system designed for easier placement and improved readings
• C-Snorkel impacted head release device
• EBB complete tamponade system for treatment of post-partum haemorrhage
• SleepBelt; designed to prevent infant falls and facilitate kangaroo care in the hospital.

JBMS is Certified to ISO 9001, and has staff across Australia and New Zealand to assist you as required.

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