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In the year 2016, obtaining and sustaining a dominating digital presence is essential for any
business that has the desire to be successful. The days of billboards and Yellow Pages have long
passed. We are now living in the age of information, where most consumers are within
reaching distance of a device that has the capability to access the internet and search engines.
There are various studies from credible sources that have been conducted regarding how likely is
it that your target marketing is utilizing search engines in attempts to find your business.
Although these statistics do vary slightly depending on service, product, and market, all of the
studies show that an alarming 80-90% of people will turn to a search engine as their primary
source of shopping or seeking services.

Who Are We?
We are not the typical digital marketing company. The digital marketing industry is an ever evolving
world that, we believe, must be understood and adapted to accordingly. When
observing the strengths and weaknesses of those who have come before us, we continuously found
that they always had a glass ceiling that they were never able to penetrate due to hyper-focusing
on either qualitative or quantitative marketing methods. There is an abundance of technical
“SEO’s” who have the ability to rank just about any website on the first page of Google for any
given search term. There are also marketing masterminds that have this mystical gift of being
able to sincerely understand a business's story and find the perfect words to share it with the world.
This standard error was one that we would be sure never to make. Our unfair advantage is
having the insight and abilities to not only cover the technical aspects that will guarantee
maximum exposure, but ensure that our client’s “story” is being told while doing so.

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