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Built is an independent design & product consultancy. We exist to identify and solve the right – but not always expected – problems our clients face.


We are BUILT, a design & product company specializing in problem solving. We accomplish this through, but not limited to strategy, creative design, brand, content production, product design & interactive builds.

BUILT was founded by Edwin Tofslie and Brian Brooks with extensive experience dating back to 1998. We have created, built and accomplished a fair amount in our careers.

Edwin was formerly the Lead Product Designer at Snapguide, Creative Director at Summit, and Art Director at EVB & AKQA. Brian was formerly a Product Designer at Snapguide, Senior Art Direction at Power Creative, Lead Designer at Space150, and Art Director at Summit.

We have a bit of a different model. We do not coach from the bleachers. We are hands-on and bring our proven skills and expertise directly to our current & future clients. Since each project is unique, we believe in starting with our small core team at Built. We then leverage our networks to create, build, direct and manage a team that is best for your project. Essentially we grow and scale a team depending on your needs. That way you don’t pay for high overhead, or have your creative and development firepower limited to just who’s on the payroll. We believe this is important in the fast shifting world we live in today.

Our various locations helps us stay nimble by serving our various clients throughout the US. Debbie Dennis, head producer of Nike is based in Hood River, Oregon. Edwin Tofslie now resides in the rugged yet technology forward Bozeman, Montana. Brian Brooks holds down the east coast with his big ash bat in Louisville, Kentucky.

Take a look at some of our more recent projects, then get in touch with us. We are currently building new relationships and would love to connect.




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