VectorBlox MXP-N Vector Processor

Ideal for image, video, audio, and signal processing
Adds over 100 new vector instructions to Altera's Nios II CPU
Executes integer SIMD operations over variable-length vectors
True 1D, 2D, 3D vector support in hardware

Vectors stored in ultra-efficient, on-chip scratchpad
Custom DMA controller uses efficient block transfers
Fully concurrent DMA, Nios, and vector engine operation

Single ALU achieves up to 20x Nios II/f performance
Scalable size and performance from 1 to 64+ parallel ALUs
Each ALU breaks into 1x32, 2x26, 4x8 parallel ALUs
Cyclone version achieves 100MHz+ clock
Stratix version achieves 200MHz+ clock
MXP-N available 2012Q3. Email for MicroBlaze availability.

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