Glynwood’s mission is to save farming by strengthening farm communities and regional food systems. Our goal is for small- and mid-sized farmers to thrive, on the land and in the marketplace.

We have deep experience and expertise in working hands-on with communities to help them develop policies and infrastructure that support their farm economies and conserve their farmland.

We understand the challenges of farming because we work our own land, testing, innovating, and teaching techniques that demonstrate the economic viability of sustainable farming practices.

Though our work has traditionally focused on the Northeast – particularly the Hudson Valley – our programs address challenges confronted by small and mid-sized farmers in similar agricultural regions nationwide.

We are working to realize a vision – of a sustainable food system based on a revival of small and mid-sized farms and a revitalization of farm communities across the nation – of working farmscapes supporting energetic local economies – of consumers having ready access to fresh, healthful food produced by local farmers who practice land stewardship and environmentally sustainable agriculture. We intend to continue exerting thoughtful and energetic leadership to realize this vision.

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