Biologic Therapies, Inc.

Biologic Therapies (BTI) ( provides contemporary, pioneering technologies that enable surgeons to treat numerous orthopedic and other medical challenges. One such technology is BTI’s unique Bio-MAC® Bone Marrow Aspiration Cannula, provisional patent number 61/445,624, U.S. patent pending.

Biologic Therapies utilizes advanced medical research to open direct paths to technologies for regenerative cell therapy, which refers to using the body’s own regenerative cells that self-renew, have the ability to change into other types of cells, and accelerate healing. BTI develops proprietary products and surgical protocols designed to optimize this type of therapy. BTI’s state-of-the-art products are propelling the Company as an industry leader by implementing a new ‘Standard of Care’ with its products and system technologies.

Regenerative medicine is a relatively new medical science that focuses on the body's own regenerative cells’ ability to speed healing within muscle, tendon, ligament, bone and cartilage. This exciting, emerging technology is in its pioneering stage with tremendous growth potential.

Regenerative cell therapy has been identified as a major developing segment within the multi-billion dollar regenerative medicine market. New breakthroughs and clinical successes in regenerative cell therapy are helping guide Biologic Therapies as it introduces proprietary, innovative products.

BTI’s innovative Bio-MAC® Bone Marrow Aspiration Cannula and associated Bio-SPIN™ centrifuge system are fueling the Company’s growth and are affirming Biologic Therapies as a global leader in regenerative medicine. New products include the Bio-PLASTY™ Intraosseous Injection Cannula, Bio-CORE™ Bone Marrow Biopsy Cannula, Bio-HOST™ Scaffold System and Bio-FIXATION™ Bone Fracture Management System.

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