In the Internet of things (Iot) era, businesses must adopt any technology advantage they can. For the moment retailers are evaluating a number of different approaches for creating value for in-store shoppers, including triggering customer service features, displaying loyalty program cards and generating rewards, delivering exclusive offers, and alerting the shopper to current sales. Although businesses aim to focus on consumer experience optimization, they lack of metrics, since they can capture consumer’s journey, only on their entry and exit (point of sales) from their shop.

Purchases are based on decisions, decisions are coming after assumptions or presumptions, and if anyone wants to inspire decisions, there is not a better way than do it instantly, and real time. GPS, wi-fi and other technology lacks from location accuracy. In example these technologies, can indicate a device that is in a supermarket, but cannot tell you in which aisle is, or in front of which product is.

Prediti presents beacons, and Prediti algorithm. Beacons are small hardware that retailers can place anywhere in a physical store that pinpoint the location of a smartphone with a retailer’s app via Bluetooth Low Energy wireless networking technology, common on all newer smartphones. If a consumer has the retailer’s app on its smartphone, a beacon can send a push notification with a message relevant to user’s exact location in the store, and user’s previous purchasing behavior.

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