Inspire Team

Inspire Team is part of Inspire Group, a portfolio of innovative technology companies established in 2003 with offices in the UK, Australia, Spain, USA and the Philippines. Inspire Team leverages the group’s 13 years of experience in creating global teams to develop solutions for enterprises looking to compete in a global marketplace.

Specializing in Web, Application and Software development, our skills include the following:

Server Side Coding (ASP, Java, Lotus, .NET, Perl, PHP, Ruby, SSJS, etc.)
Client Side Coding (Ajax, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Silverlight, etc.)
Client + Server Coding (Google Web Toolkit, Dart, Opa, Pajamas, Tersus, etc.)
Database Technologies (AWS, Filemaker, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, Redis, etc.)
Mobile Development (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc.)

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Privately Held

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