Crisp Analytics

CRISP is a provider of advanced analytics and data management solutions & services helping organizations to take fast and efficient data-driven decisions for enhancing operational efficiency and profits in today's competitive environment.

We are an amalgamation of more than 60 years of total experience answering customer needs. We are a team of statisticians, business school graduates, PhDs and Engineers from IIMs, IITs and ISI. Our strength lies in our diversity and experiences – the team has more than 8 years of pure academic research and development experience, more than 20 years of statistics and optimisation experience and countless number of hours delivering customer satisfaction across the globe. The team has the perfect balance of technology enthusiasts, data scientists, industry experts and business managers working in tandem to create working solutions for industries rather than technology marvel. Our aim is to enable information technology to be able to not only support but drive businesses to run smartly and efficiently.


Expert in Statistics, Data Mining, Machine Learning and real time big data analytics
Expert in R
Expert in Visualization by leveraging D3, rChart, Shiny, Jasper Reports.
Proficient in Hadoop, Spark specially Mllib, Streaming and SparkSQL
Realtime Analytics: Using Storm, Kafka, Apache Drill
Proficient in scripting languages: Scala, Java, Node.js, Python, Shell Scripting
Strong understanding of SQL (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server)
Strong experience with NOSQL specially mongoDB, redis
Expert in Data Visualization tools including Tableau
Experience in JDA, Oracle Retail and SAP
Strong Experience in Simulation, Optimization and predictive techniques
Strong understanding of Hidden Markow Models, Bayesian Belief Networks
Graph and Document Database OrientDB

Domain Expertise:

Supply Chain, Retail, FMCG, Energy and Utilities, Aviation, Television (Video on Demand, DTH)




Employee Count Range: 


Company type: 

Privately Held

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