Andmap is a full-service application design firm, we provide GIS relevant solutions for Telecom, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Forestry, Utility, Agricultural...

The ANDMAP system is a custom configured "turn-key" solution for your company's Mobile Data Collection and Mapping requirements. Your solution arrives to your business tested and ready to use.

ANDMAP allows field personnel/users to collaborate with the Corporate GIS group to provide polygon, poly-line and point creation references (with supporting GEO-tagged digital photos) compatible with, but not requiring ArcGIS software. Eighty percent (80%) of non-surveyor grade, GIS work (Shapefile development, etc.) can be performed and completed on location by field operations personnel without an ArcGIS geodatabase (CSV,JSON, or KML). This application is not intended to replace the Company's GIS system. It is intended to allow the use of as many (as many as possible and practical and cost effective) of the functions of the company's GIS system by non GIS staff in the ongoing management of various operations. The application and management GIS staff can use full function GIS systems (i.e. ArcGIS) at the main office to manage and publish GIS information about the company's assets and use the mobile data collection system to collect data about the assets to produce information.

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