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Valens Global provides governments, non-governmental organizations, and corporations with clear, in-depth, and innovative services. Our risk assessments, situational forecasting, training, research, and strategic action plans provide our clients with all the tools necessary to safeguard their interests, assets, and personnel against the evolving threats prevalent in today’s world.

Our team of experts have years of experience advising governments and multinational organizations on terrorism, insurgencies, civil wars, and infectious disease outbreaks. Valens team members have served as subject-matter consultants on live hostage negotiations in the Middle East; provided the analysis necessary to empower border security innovations in Europe; designed and delivered training and lectures for the U.S. Departments of Defense and State; advised major media companies on story and series development; and performed risk assessments of sub-state threats in such diverse locations as Iraq, Kashmir, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and the United States. Valens experts have testified about violent non-state actors and American national security before U.S. House and Senate committees as well as state legislatures.

Valens Global approaches each and every mission with the utmost dedication and resolve. We understand that our clients often put their trust in us when lives and well-being are at stake, and we are very serious about the responsibilities with which we are charged.

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