Computer Peripherals and Supplies (CPS)

Computer Peripherals and Supplies Ltd. Is an expert in printing and Auto-ID system. For over 20 years, Computer Peripherals and Supplies ltd. has provided for large public organizations, state enterprise and private sector with products and services on high-speed and continuous printing solutions such as high-speed line printer, high speed laser printer, as well as design solutions and procure entire equipment for Auto-ID system including barcode printer and scanner, data recorder, decoder, and card printer for RFID smart card and magnet card.

Computer Peripherals and Supplies Ltd. was established when computer played a vital role in operating business in Thailand. We, therefore, imported printing system for organization to market in Thailand. Our printers are from leading international companies manufacturing printer equipments and software controlling the printing.

With long precious experiences acquired from working with different major organizations, we have become a leader in printing company for impact line printer, high speed laser printer, Auto-ID services, and Barcode RFID for many large organizations in Thailand.

Products and Services of Computer Peripheral and Supplies Ltd. includes:

1.High Speed Printers: services on printing management and distribution of high speed printers for organization both line printers and laser printers;

2.Consumable Products: distribution of all printing supplies;

3.Auto-ID Solutions: printer system, barcode, one dimensional and two dimensional barcode scanner, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system, and equipment for printer.

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Public Company

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