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Close the Loop Limited is a leading global recycler of imaging consumables including inkjet cartridges, laser toner cartridges, drum units, copier bottles and more. Using state of the art materials separation processes, all cartridges are recycled with zero waste to landfill

CtL has pursued the ‘zero waste’ philosophy since inception. On the basis of our proven expertise, you can be assured that 100% of every inkjet cartridge, toner cartridge or toner bottle sent to our facility will be reused or recycled. We continue to lead the electronics recycling industry away from the waste industry mentality of single use and the need to mine ever more resources.

We focus our energy on identifying and then commercially proving potential applications for even the most difficult materials.

How do we do it? By designing a materials hierarchy that incorporates closed material loops, and by helping manufacturers design for the environment.

Each day across our three facilities (Australia, USA and Belgium) we keep over 48.6 tonnes of material out of landfill. We recover irreplaceable resources that are used to make a new generation of products whilst achieving tonnes of carbon savings every day.

Close the Loop is at the forefront of developing processing technologies for recycling printer cartridges and similar plastic or electronic products. We have invented numerous proprietary technologies to safely shred and recycle ink cartridges, toner cartridges, toner bottles and other print consumables. We process thousands of kilograms of empty ink and toner cartridges and toner bottles every day so we never stop learning and we continue to develop and invest in newer, safer, and more efficient machines and processes

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