Waste Business Journal

Waste Business Journal conducts research and publishes reports on the waste management industry. Our mission is to provide industry stakeholders with the vital information they need to guide their wise decisions.

Our researchers survey individual waste processing and disposal facilities, waste management companies and government entities. We gather information about the types and volumes of the many types of waste being managed, the prices paid, what kinds of equipment are employed, who owns the facility, who operates it, the market area served, remaining and operating capacity, among many other questions. We compare the data we collect with those collected from other sources such as the various state regulatory agencies, the US EPA, and others to cross check and augment the information.

Our analysis includes time-series data that goes back to 1984 and serves as the basis of various reports tailored to address various segments and needs of the industry. To this end, we offer a weekly news bulletin, a monthly pricing and volume service, create individualized market reports, produce a comprehensive industry overview and outlook report and a directory that includes detailed profiles of every landfill, transfer station, recycling facility, waste-to-energy project, construction & demolition landfill, and many other waste processing and disposal facilities.




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