Energy Storage Group

ENERGY STORAGE GROUP provides a total packaged solution to all areas of the emerging global energy storage market.

From its base in the UK, the management team have a wealth of experience in the design and construction of renewable energy projects throughout the world with many schemes incorporating energy storage solutions, via biogas storage, to act as a buffer to the fluctuating nature of most renewable energy solutions and maximising the usage of the grid connection.

We also have an existing structure in place to trade the energy produced to maximise returns from government incentives, exports and off-sets.

We are committed to providing commercially viable energy storage solutions that save significant amounts of capital investment when compared to traditional upgrades, such as replacing lines and transformers. Unlike many other regions, the UK’s deregulated utility market is incentivised towards low-carbon operations in which they are rewarded for better utilisation of their existing assets, rather than just adding hard assets onto the networks.

In addition to providing storage capacity for when power is not needed we will also provide solutions to balance the intermittency of wind, solar and other renewables on the grid an ease capacity constraints.

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