Coolworks Entertainment inc.

Founded in 2008, Coolworks is owned by Johnny Fortier.

At Coolworks, we love to innovate and write scripts but also create concepts of an extreme originality that will appeal to anyone.

Our library consists of 43 stories and screenplays and 280 characters that will make consumers salivate...and there is yet more to come. "Unique"‚Äč would be the appropriate word to describe Coolworks without a doubt.

Several of our projects (Screenplay for feature) can easily be adapted to video games.

Coolworks explores various genre such as science-fiction, horror, drama, comedy, thriller, action, fantasy, adventure, psychological and animation to name a few.

The primary goal of Coolworks is to deliver strong messages in a nicely way to the audience via incredible and intense stories that will remain etched in your memories forever. Our compelling stories flow like honey through the reader's mind quenching the spirit and erasing the slightest pain from the past so as to be fully satisfied. Our stories are both unpredictable and filled with twists respecting the ideal structure of great movies.

But beware! Our stories could cut the spinal cord in pieces when it comes to horror or even make you laugh to lose your head when the comedy comes into play. You will be carried away emotionally into fantastic worlds that you will not soon forget.

Spectators will certainly attach great value to our characters no matter if it is a hideous creature or a funny character.

Indulge yourself with Coolworks.

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