UK Defence Solutions Centre

The UK DSC is a new organisation built to respond to international customers’ needs for innovative and tailored world-class defence solutions. It is an integral part of the Defence Growth Partnership (DGP), formed between the UK Government,16 leading defence companies and 4 government departments including BIS, the MoD, UKTI DSO and the Cabinet Office.

We’ve taken a world-first approach that brings the best of defence Industry, Academia, R&D and Government together in one collaboration. In this way, we believe we will grow the UK defence industry to be the world-leading centre of innovation.

We always start with understanding the customers’ needs first. We’ve established an impartial, market led approach that delivers untapped international collaboration and innovation, so we can bring a very broad range of capabilities into the mix.

Jointly funded by the UK Government and Industry, and borne of the DGP initiative, the UK DSC is independent of any individual company’s commercial interests and has key characteristics that make it unique. For example, individual defence companies currently carry out strategic capability and technology planning in isolation. The UKDSC now enables companies in the UK Defence Sector to collaboratively develop an holistic approach to investing in customer-needs driven products and services.

And at the other end of the spectrum, the UKDSC makes it quicker and easier for international partners and customers to connect with the extensive UK value chain including Industry, Academia and Government, inside and outside the Defence Sector. As a result we can promote and exploit open innovation to meet customers’ needs.

The bottom line - The defence market needs a new, impartial approach to listening to customers, identifying concepts and solutions, and quickly bringing industry and government innovations together so they deliver economic and enduring solutions, fast. UKDSC is the answer.

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