Adsorbent carbons Pvt Ltd

ADSORBENT CARBONS PVT LTD, an 18 year old successive company with well established market setup on COCONUT SHELL Based and WOOD based activated carbon , with factory located at Tuticorin, India.,

Products / Applications :
- Coconut GAC: Liquid phase / Air phase purifications – Effluent treatments / Water treatments
- Coconut Gold carb : Gold extraction / Mining / Minerals extraction
- Coconut PAC: Liquid phase / Air phase purifications - Carbon blocks / Cigarette filters / Filter cabins
- WOOD PAC: Decolorization – Sugar cane industry / Food & Beverages / Pharma industries
- Carbon cartridges: In portable water purification systems
- Chemical Impregnated GAC/PAC: Industrial specific purification / Filtration of impurities

ACL’s – Best Service :
- Solution for all varieties of activated carbon requirements under one roof.
- ISO 9001 certified for stringent quality management systems.
- Strong support of freight systems to connect any port and door delivery service with better price and lead time
- Good production capacity of 600MT/Month, to support our regular supply chain.
- Free samples shall be sent for further evaluation and would be open to take part in your R&D activities to recommend suitable product for the application.,

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Privately Held

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