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Freshfusion Juices Pvt. Ltd is incorporated to address the market need for an all-natural nutrient beverage which is completely free of artificial additives. With extensive research by our team of eminent scientists, we endeavor to formulate the right combination of freshly extracted juice blends that are a refreshingly healthy and appetizing solution to nourish, detoxify and help you glow with good health. Using our new cutting-edge food processing technology, we make unique juice blends that offer unmatched dietetic quality while retaining natural flavour, nutrition, purity and health benefits.

The new food processing technology, used first time in India, is developed in collaboration with CFTRI. We offer unique & all-natural juice blends that:

- Provide the Right balance of fruit and vegetable juice blends
- Have 100% freshly extracted juice content
- Have HIGH percentage of soluble fiber content
- Have NO added sugar, preservatives or colors
- Save valuable TIME and EFFORT and
- Provide MULTIPLE health benefits

Juice Blends:

V 11:
This sumptuous health drink is a combination of various vegetable juices like tomato, carrot, capsicum, beetroot etc with no added water. It can be consumed either as a soup or a juice, or can be used as vegetable stock.

This amazing health drink contains pure carrot and orange juice with no added water serves as perfect anti-oxidant.

This remarkable health drink is a blend of beetroot and jamun juice which helps in managing diabetes.

A rejuvenating juice blend of succulent muskmelon and grape juice for a unique refreshing flavor to beat the heat.

This detoxifying green health drink is a combination of yellow cucumber, bottle gourd and bitter gourd juices with no addition of water which is perfect supplement for weight loss programme.

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