TravelAlly offers safe and reliable carpooling opportunities that are affordable and is easy to access via mobile platform. It comes with a complete service, made-to-measure for individuals and companies who would like to make a carpool service for home to office (H2O) and return journeys available for them or to their staff.

TraveAlly helps individuals, large and medium-sized companies change the way they promote corporate environmental awareness with their employees. For companies, our tailor made carpool solutions let them find the best ways for making company’s carbon footprint by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and fighting global warming. Carpooling allows you to make savings in parking, it reduces costs linked to company cars, and crucially,less stress for the employees. We cater smarter and innovative carpooling application, ensuring that our approach considers all possible ways to increase employee relations and companies responsible image. Basically, whenever companies and employees need cost saving via carpooling and ridesharing, our state of the art application produce a friendly carpool to make them feel special and happy. We won’t rest until they’re completely satisfied with the service.

Why ‘TravelAlly’for individuals;

> Safe and friendly share-mates from similar professional network,
> Cost effective ride with bonuses time to time,
> Sense of environmental awareness,
> Parking is not an issue anymore.

Why ‘TravelAlly’for companies;

> Safe and cost effective mobility,
> Less CO2 emissions that means more corporate environmental responsibility
> Improved responsible image among employees and customers.
> Positive and harmonious relations among staff and management.
> Saving car parking spaces.

We're launching ‘TravelAlly’ App in Mumbai and United Kingdom to help supercharge your commute!

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